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About Us

About Us

Introduction of Grand Dragon

Grand Dragon is a multinational company that diversified in variety of business including gaming, manufacturing, trading, services, real estate, entertainment and investment. Being the leader in gaming industry leader, Grand Dragon has presence in Cambodiaand Philippines, operating both the landed casino and online gaming business.

Advantages of Grand Dragon

The only company that has both 'landed casino' and 'online gambling' licenses

Both Grand Dragon Cambodia and Grand Dragon Philippines obtained the government issued 'landed casino' and 'online gambling' licenses, while most other peers can only obtain 'online gambling' license or even some are operating without a license. The 'landed casinos' license has very strict requirements inthe aspects of quality of the company, the management team, financial strength, operational regulatory requirements compare to the 'online gambling' license.As a result, the company has a 'landed casino' license is safer, more reliable and more professional。

The only company that operates live videogaming in the 'real casino'

The majority of 'live video gaming platform' are set up in some general office space, management is not standardized, low reliability, and almost without any regulation. But with Grand Dragon's 'landedcasino' license, the 'live video gaming' is set up directly inside the casino, under the direct supervision of government, coupled with the landed casinos experienced management team and well-trained professional staffs, working together to create an authoritative, fair and professional online gambling platform for you。

The first to introduce interactive host in live video gaming'

Still playing the traditional live video gaming in silent? Grand Dragon was the first to introduce interactive host in live video gaming. We have signed long-term employment contracts with various professional models from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.All the candidates undergo a rigorous selection and elimination, as well as a two months professional training, to ensure they are presenting their best in front of you. 80% of the host are fluent in both Mandarin and English, where they will chat with you, cheer for you, accompany you to fight till the end。

In addition, Grand Dragon has also invested a huge amountby hiring a number of top Japanese AV actress as the company's gaming spokesperson, and regularly invited them to participate in the live video game as dealer, and interact with you. Keep an eye on our official website, so as not to miss the exciting moment。

Grand Dragon Cambodia

1. Locatedin Cambodia Kandal Province Grand Dragon Resort, next to the picturesque and spring like Mekong River。

2. Leading the Cambodian Gaming& Entertainment domain, with its innovative architectural and advanced equipment. In addition, the resort's dining, lodging and entertainment facilities are first class. Its commitment to provide customers with high-quality services and new entertainment experience. Customer-centric philosophy and quality services has brought the company a good reputation, and become its dominant position in the market。

3. Obtained operating license for table games, slot machines, online gaming and telephone gaming to allow players to enjoy the best games and quality of service。

Grand Dragon Philippines

1. Located in downtown Manila, convenient location and easy transportation。

2. Famous for its luxurious interiors and top of line the hardware equipment. Comfortable, elegant and stylish luxury all in one to deliver the unique experience。

3. Obtained operating license for table games, slot machines, online gaming and telephone gaming to allow players to enjoy the best games and quality of service。

Trustworthy & guarantee

As one of the senior casino business companies, we believe in “customer first” principle. With strong consortium support, trustworthy as basis, we have built up a strong relationship with our valued customers。

Grand Dragon is also providing various types & options of games to players. In constant receiving feedbacks & review of our system, we continue to improve & upgrade our platform in order to provide customers with constant & continual new excitement in gaming experiences。

Notary and Security

1. Player’s safety & gaming fairness are Grand Dragon’s belief and objectives。

2. Standard gaming tools & equipment are manufactured & provided by one of the world professional casino providers。

3. Lives dealers & instant video screening – all is clearly seen in lives forecast. Through advanced technology in video screening, player is able to view lives gaming & observe each game & action clearly in front of him. For example, dealer starts a new shoe; dealing process & dealer’s appearance are view ed by player online. Each game’s actual result is forecast instantly on what you see online。

4. Grand Dragon has invested a huge sum of capital on resources & effort on safety issue of online gaming. Servers we use are well protected to ensure website safety capability. All information is encrypted & password protected. Our database is also well protected through our backend platform operating system. We do not disclose any customer’s information to anyone. All information is treated strictly as private & confidential。

Professional customer service

Grand Dragon provides 24/7 customer service from our trained customer relation officers. We always glad to receive feedback & suggestions from our customers。

Responsible Casino

1. Grand Dragon supports a responsible casino. We formulate various measures in order to deal with compulsory casino rules。

2. Train our staff to identify compulsory legal age or underage casino players & take appropriate actions。

3. Provide player self setting of maximum limit。

4. Upon player’s request, cancel his membership or bar him from entering the gaming site。

5. Trustworthy as basis, strong & solid capital and top class hardware & software technology as support, continual research & development as direction, we want to provide an all-rounded online casino service & experience to our valued customers.We wish you happy gaming。

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